Outfit of the day 16/05/17

The weather has turned really gloomy and drizzly here in the Midlands. It is still quite warm, but a bit grim. When we drove out today, I was cheered up by the lush foliage on the trees and bushes, the wonderful many shades of green everywhere I looked. I find the green of plants so restful on the eyes. Many of the local hawthorn hedges have been left to grow wild without being cut and the may blossom hangs in huge wreaths and swags almost down to the ground in places. It looks wonderful and then I remember my Granny’s warning that we should never bring may blossom into the house because it is supposed to bring bad luck. Mind you, I never believed that or any of her other homilies, such as no new shoes on the table and don’t open umbrellas indoors!

When I get a bit sentimental about the beauty of the English countryside, I think of this poem that I remember from school – “Home Thoughts from Abroad” by Robert Browning:

Because it was raining when I came out of the Library, after choosing another huge pile of books, I was so glad that I chose my second hand Ferragamo scarf, rather than one of my precious H scarves. It is a bit autumnal in colour, but it goes well with the bright navy twin-set and horn earrings.

Today’s outfit:

  • Silk scarf 90cm – navy with brown leopards and shades of blue, green, yellow and beige – Ferragamo. Tied in a criss-cross knot using a MaiTai horn scarf ring.
  • Bright navy, cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Bright navy, cotton mix, short-sleeved top – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Cream lacquer and horn earrings – Quecraft via Etsy.
  • Cobalt blue enamel and gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
Outfit of the day 16/05/17 with Ferragamo scarf

Outfit of the day 16/05/17 with Ferragamo scarf

Some of my basic librarian skills came in useful this morning. Lovely Husband has a huge collection of rock music CDs and refuses to move onto more modern forms of music listening. As our shelving in the dining room is running out of space and, also, to be more convenient, he bought a storage unit for our already cluttered lounge. Anyway, I sat on the floor for a while, happily putting the CDs into the unit in alphabetical order. He tried to tell me that it didn’t matter! Aargh! As if a librarian (or The Librain) would think that alphabetical order didn’t matter! Unthinkable! (Sorry about the rather excessive use of exclamation marks, but you can understand how unsettled I felt).

After all of this “excitement”, we had lunch and then went to the Library, as mentioned above. We tried to go for a cup of tea at one of our local garden centres, but they had three coach parties in when we arrived and the queue in the café was far too long. So we drove back home instead.

I am now finishing writing this post sitting in bed with a pot of tea and a honey sandwich – um, perhaps I shouldn’t moan about weight gain. LH has promised me a nice piece of poached salmon for dinner and then I will chat to my lads and read. Not a bad life, eh?


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1 Response to Outfit of the day 16/05/17

  1. Pudfish says:

    You look very elegant in navy blue with the gold of the scarf. And lovely accessories. I was made to learn Home Thoughts from Abroad for a poetry competition when I was 12, so it makes me shudder now. Xx


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