Wardrobe planning #26: Assessing clothes at the end of the season

I find it hard to believe that the weather can change from Summer to Autumn overnight, but that is what seems to have happened, at least here in the Midlands. Lovely Husband was up early and told me how cold it felt. So it looks as if my sandal days are over until next year.

I will soon have to check through all of my warmer weather clothing, wash it, see what needs mending, take some to the charity shop, and store the rest away in another wardrobe. My “second” wardrobe is in Younger Son’s bedroom and I will make sure that I clean it out and put in fresh anti-moth stuff when I swap my clothes over. Most items will also go into protective covers.

I have been thinking about the items I have not worn this Spring/Summer:

  • Most of my dresses. In fact, I have only worn one t-shirt dress, the navy one. I have a small collection of “smart” dresses, which I have not worn now for at least two years, and a few more casual dresses. I am not intending to get rid of any at the moment as there are good reasons why they have not been worn a) because I don’t go out to dinner or to other special occasions, b) because we haven’t been on holiday for five years, and c) because I have put on a lot of weight as I spend so much time in bed! So I will look through them and make sure that they fit and are fashionable enough to wear in the future. Not that I care that much about fashion!
  • Most of my skirts. Again, I have only worn one, I think. The reasons are similar to the above, plus I used to wear skirts in the Summer for work. So I will check through them and remove any that I don’t think I will wear again – too short, for example, or the wrong colour for my wardrobe.
  • A couple of long wraps – these go with my dresses.
  • Some lovely silk tops – I may be able to get some wear out of these as transitional pieces with a nice jacket or cardigan.
  • My vintage handbags – these don’t really go with casual outfits, but would look great for a special occasion. They don’t take up much room so will be kept, but I won’t buy any more and may even re-home a couple of them.

I have certainly worn most of my t-shirts and trousers. A few tops now look too small or too short and they will go to the charity shop. My jeans, chinos and linen trousers are fine for another Spring/Summer season. I have four pairs of sandals and some other very summery shoes – I have worn most of these. Those that have remained in their boxes are for more special occasions, such as weddings, so they can go to the back of the wardrobe until something like that comes along again. You never know!

Some of my unworn Spring/Summer pieces

Some of my unworn Spring/Summer pieces

This blog has made me wear just about all of my scarves and suitable jewellery! Since I started in January, writing about each day’s outfit has encouraged me to try to liven up what I wear with accessories and stop the “slob gear”. There are some pieces that I have not shown yet, but they tend to be the kind of items that can be worn all year round.

I am interested to know if readers do this kind of thing at the end of a season? How do you assess your clothing?

Next week, I shall think about my Autumn/Winter clothes and start to plan where I might have gaps that need new purchases.

Best wishes,


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1 Response to Wardrobe planning #26: Assessing clothes at the end of the season

  1. Pudfish says:

    I have done a bit of wardrobe assessing – er, well realising that I no longer fit into some of my summer dresses so getting rid of them! But more importantly – I have the very same purple Clarks sandals, I love them, i wore them recently. I think they are great fun and comfy, despite being high, due to the wedge.
    I am not going to be filling any gaps in wardrobe as I am on a strict no buy ban and also already have too many clothes. Sigh!


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