Update 16/10/17

What a strange sky we have had in the English Midlands today. There was a red sun this morning and then the sky turned a shade of brownish orange with strong winds blowing dust. Hurricane Ophelia has not really affected us here very much, unlike in other places in the U.K., but I don’t think I have seen weather phenomena like this before. I don’t live in Nottingham anymore but this information from the local paper explains it all.

All day, I have been scared of the dust impacting on my asthma. I did manage to go downstairs for a while, but ended up back in bed for the afternoon. I had my annual flu vaccination on Saturday and think I have had a bit of a reaction, although I may just be totally paranoid!

Anyway, all of that means that I have only worn my favourite navy cashmere v-neck jumper with pyjama trousers today. The image below is of the pretty Ferragamo scarf that I am intending to wear tomorrow. I have got to break out of the navy phase for a while!

Feline in Flower Garden - Ferragamo

Feline in Flower Garden – Ferragamo

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2 Responses to Update 16/10/17

  1. Fiona Crawford says:

    How many scarves do you have Anne?


    • The Librain says:

      I don’t know because I have never counted them! There are loads of cheaper ones that I haven’t shown on here yet. Some were my Mum’s and I don’t often wear those as they don’t really suit me. I might go through them and cull a few. But I am reluctant to do that as I haven’t decided yet when I will stop dyeing my hair. Then other colours might look better on me! Decisions, decisions…


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