Outfit of the day 27/11/17

It is now two months since I last had my hair dyed and the grey has reached over 1 inches long. You can see it clearly, especially at the sides. The coloured parts are not looking good, I must admit. The texture is dry and frizzy and my hair only occasionally curls nicely when I wash it. I am hoping that my greys are in better condition as they finally grow out. When I have my next hair appointment, in about three weeks, I will ask for another short cut then at least I will get rid of the coloured hair as quickly as possible.

The good thing is that Lovely Husband loves my new shorter style and is happy about me growing out my grey hair. I have never seen him anything other than grey (now white), as he had a head of gorgeous iron grey hair when I met him in his thirties. He says that, of course, it is my choice what I do, but that he likes the idea of me being grey too đź’•. Well, we shall see.

Wardrobe Colours chart version #03

Wardrobe Colours chart version #03

Another thought is that I may need to adjust my colourwheel for clothing and accessories. As I showed earlier in this blog, my two main neutrals (base colours in the chart above) are navy and brown/tan. I have a lot of navy clothes and accessories, but not so many in the brown shades. Perhaps I should swap them to grey? Although I love my tan accessories – hmmm. I will have to think about this for a while as I see what grey shade my hair transforms into, but I don’t really like colours such as beige with grey hair. My other colours, like purple, cobalt, coral and turquoise, would look great with grey hair.

I will also have to think about, perhaps, trying to wear makeup more often as, maybe, grey hair might make me look even more ill if I don’t brighten up my face. I have even thought about doing something to my eyebrows as they have almost disappeared! But I promise that I won’t go the same way that so many youngsters are doing with their “sharpie” brows, or anything like these…

Work in progress by Nuuna Nitely

Work in progress by Nuuna Nitely

I don’t know what to do or think! Any ideas from readers?

I haven’t managed to do much today as I had a really bad night with acid reflux, so I am very tired. I must admit that I look a bit wan in my selfie below and wish I had had the energy to put makeup on! The outfit is not one of my best, although the colours look better together than they might appear from the images. Black jeans would have set off the look, but, as I am getting rid of my black clothes, I don’t want to buy any! Navy had to do instead.

Today’s outfit:

  • Teal and black ombrĂ© acrylic jumper – Windsmoor.
  • Teal cotton roll neck base layer – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Blue topaz and gold stud earrings – H Samuel.
  • Coral enamel and gold Agama bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Silk scarf in black, coral, turquoise and brown – Large Acanthus Leaf – Goddess and Swift via Etsy.
Outfit of the day 27/11/17 with Goddess and Swift scarf

Outfit of the day 27/11/17 with Goddess and Swift scarf

Best wishes,


Image Credits

Work in progress by Nuuna Nitely on Flickr

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