Update 28/11/17 and Christmas plans

Nowadays, we organise present giving at Christmas in the same way as I just did for my birthday: I buy what I would like in advance and my chaps refund the money and give me the gifts on the day. Our two sons only ever want cash these days and DH never has any ideas at all and I try to find something interesting for him. That is getting difficult now as I can’t go shopping, other than online.

Our wider family has shrunk down since Lovely Husband’s and my parents died, as our siblings seem to have largely removed themselves from us since we got into so much difficulty. So our Christmases are very small these days, which makes me feel so sad, thinking about the lovely family times we had in the past. I keep hoping that our lads will eventually meet partners and start their own families to recreate the happy times we used to enjoy so much.

LH and I will do the best we can, though. He is a great cook and we all love chipping in together to create a fabulous spread on Christmas Day. All four of us help in our own ways: I am in charge of the decor, cards for my own family and friends, and wrapping presents; LH is in charge of food and drink, general organisation, and cards for his own family and friends; and our lads help when asked and do all of the tidying and washing up.

On Boxing Day, LH and I are going out to one of our favourite pubs for a meal, as we do every year. Usually the boys come with us, but they are both working this year and will then do their own thing for the rest of the holiday season. I do miss our trips around the country visiting family, which we did each year when our parents were still here.

Right, before I become too gloomy, here is a little hint which I may just show again at a later date…

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Reading Roundup post tomorrow!

Best wishes,


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