Update 17/09/18

This will be a fairly short post. Saturday was Lovely Husband’s birthday and he received some pretty fab presents from me and our lads. He was able to spend the day watching lots of cricket on the TV (he is a huge fan and was a very good bowler in his day). Yesterday, Younger Son left home for his “fresh start” – I wrote about this last week. I managed not to cry all over him, but I have been struggling today and all weekend. Unfortunately, when I get upset and/or stressed, my cough comes with a vengeance and I have had numerous severe attacks for the last few days. This has left me feeling very scared and weak.

To counteract feelings of gloom, I am trying to find amusing things to distract myself and Elder Son, who is also struggling with his feelings about his beloved brother. Here are a few items that I found cute or funny or both!

First of all, these are some images from a fabulous thread on The Purse Forum, called Just Because it’s Designer Doesn’t Mean it’s Good (yes, I have posted about this thread before – several times!).

Don’t most women remove body hair before swimming?

Could you walk into a room wearing this?

I am trying to think of a Cinderella joke…

I get very cold in the Winter, but never that cold!

This is Elder Son’s most loved video of the moment…

Ah, isn’t it cute?

I hope to resume a more normal service tomorrow with an Outfit of the Day post.

Best wishes,


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