Diet and exercise plan #08: 14/09/18

Every Friday I am hoping to be able to write out my exercise levels from the week before and perhaps any relevant comments about my diet. I will measure myself every four weeks and wait until my November hospital appointment to be weighed.

Outfit of the day 14/09/18 with Hermès’ Bibliothéque gavroche

Outfit of the day 14/09/18 with Hermès’ Bibliothéque gavroche

The table below shows my measurements taken eight weeks after the plan was started on 20th July 2018. I am unable to weigh myself, as we don’t have any bathroom scales at the moment, so cannot work out my current BMI. I am also unsure of my dress size, but expect that it has not changed.

Measure 20/07/18 17/08/18 14/09/18
Height 5ft 4ins 5ft 4 ins 5ft 4 ins
Weight 12.5 stones N/A N/A
BMI 29.6 Overweight N/A N/A
Chest 42ins (to nearest inch) 40ins 40ins
Waist 37ins 36ins 36ins
Hips 43ins 41ins 43ins
Neck 16ins 15ins 15ins
Bicep 12ins 12ins 12ins
Wrist 7ins 7ins 7ins
Thigh 25ins 23ins 23ins
Ankle 9ins 9ins 9ins
Clothing size 14-16

As you can see, I have made very little progress in slimming down, but I am pleased that I am just about maintaining especially as I have not been able to keep up my good start to the exercise plan. I really need to lose inches from around my waist and hips as my jeans and trousers are beginning to feel far too tight. Also, that kind of fat distribution is very unhealthy. I have really tried to keep to the diet and have very rarely lapsed.

Exercise last week

I have only been out of the house a couple of times over the last few weeks as I have been so ill. Yes, I am very disappointed that my plans for increasing my exercise levels have not come to fruition, but I am beginning to see that I have to be realistic. If my condition does not allow me to exercise very often, then, perhaps, I have to accept this. I will try to walk around the block if I feel stronger on any day, but I must not allow my frustration to compromise what little health I still have left.

Wish me luck!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


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