Update 01/10/18

Well, that was a tough weekend! I was very ill indeed on Saturday, both physically and mentally, ending up with horrible panic and anxiety attacks as well as a huge coughing bout. I found myself crying hysterically all over my Lovely Husband in utter fear of the future, worrying myself stupid about having to manage my illnesses for many more years. It was all so very horrible.

These days we read about the perils of social media just about every day, however, the benefits are also manifold. On Saturday, I reached out on Facebook whilst I was in a blind panic and, within minutes, friends contacted me to give their support. One dear friend and Younger Son also chatted with me via FB Messenger, the friend from Australia! This love and care helped me so much and brought me back to a calmer state. This would not have been possible without technology and I would have felt so alone with my fear.

Yesterday, I stayed in bed resting and I haven’t done very much today either, but I feel a lot better and more optimistic. To lift the mood, I will finish the post with one of Elder Son’s favourite videos (he is such a sweet soul)…

Hair appointment tomorrow – I hope I can get there!

Best wishes,


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Retired School Librarian
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