Update 23/04/19 with an outfit I didn’t wear!

I hope all of you lovely visitors to the blog have had a wonderful Easter. It has been amazing weather in most of the UK; very sunny and so warm for the time of year. In the end, I did manage to sit and read in the garden on one afternoon and also walked around the block on two days – so that helped to improve my mood. Unfortunately, I have had a relapse, with severe coughing attacks, for the last two days and have been in bed.

I had picked out a nice outfit this morning as Lovely Husband and I had planned to go out this afternoon, but, instead, I have been in bed wearing pyjamas! I am hoping that I will feel stronger tomorrow as I really need to visit the Library and we also have a parcel to pick up in town. Apparently, it is going to rain for the next few days – just my luck! I avoid wearing silk scarves in bad weather as I don’t want to ruin the fabric, so I am not sure what I will put on tomorrow. I suppose it depends on the temperature.

This morning I had thought of wearing something like this from last year:

Outfit of the day 15/05/18 with China Tree kimono jacket by One Hundred Stars

Outfit of the day 15/05/18 with China Tree kimono jacket by One Hundred Stars

It is probably about time that I did my twice-yearly wardrobe changeover. All of my tops stay in place, but I move my summer skirts and dresses from the big wardrobe in Younger Son’s room into the one in my bedroom and vice versa with my winter items. I think that I need to have quite a drastic sort out as I haven’t worn some of these clothes for a few years and so will probably donate them to the charity shops. If that is the case, I will also need to update all of my wardrobe records on Evernote.

Anyway, let’s hope that tomorrow is a better day!

Best wishes,


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