Outfit of the day 27/05/19

We had a very relaxing weekend all in all. When I say relaxing, it may not have been for our neighbours. Lovely Husband has his ”music night” every Sunday evening and his favourite music is rock, played very loud. He usually listens to three albums in a row and switches it all off by 10.30, so next door have agreed that he can do this (very accommodating of them in my opinion!). I also like very similar bands (most of the time) so I listen from the bedroom above. It is impossible to concentrate on a book with all of this going on, so I tend to browse random sites in between frantic attempts at air guitar!

Anyway, last night’s performers were The Editors, Blue Oyster Cult and Suede. LH and I are huge fans of Suede’s latest album, The Blue Hour. I wish we were both well enough to go see them.

Today, I decided to wear my lovely kimono from One Hundred Stars. It is very comfortable and even LH approved:

Outfit of the day 27/05/19 with One Hundred Stars’ kimono

Today’s outfit:

  • White cotton sleeveless vest – Lands’ End.
  • Beige stretch cotton chinos – Lands’ End.
  • White enamel and rose gold Ianthe pendant – Liberty of London.
  • Pink, beige, cream and black viscose/modal Crane kimono – One Hundred Stars.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my main consultant. I will have to be very honest about my deteriorating health situation and try not to cringe or cry when they tell me my current weight. I am really dreading finding out. It is obvious that I am continuing to gain weight because so many of my clothes from last Summer are far too tight. I really don’t want to have to buy more from even larger sizes. Oh, this is so depressing and I had better end this post before I say any more.

Best wishes,


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