Update 11/07/19

Well, I am having yet another day in bed. I really hope that I am fit enough to go for my counselling appointment tomorrow as it would be so nice to actually leave the house! I haven’t been out for well over a week.

I did go downstairs over lunchtime, so dressed in a very simple outfit of a navy cotton vest from Sainsbury’s Tu and navy and white woven linen trousers from Isle Collection. It is still so very warm and humid here and I find this kind of weather very trying indeed.

If I do go out tomorrow, I intend to wear my new scarf, Cosmographia Universalis, in a different tie and will take a photo to show you. I keep looking at all of the lovely colours and details. Many thanks to all of you who are continuing to visit the Scarf of the Moment page that I wrote on Monday.

Yesterday, I had a hunt around some of the online sales. Even though my birthday isn’t until November, I usually choose some nice items in the sales at this time of year. Lovely Husband is never sure what to get me, and our shops are very limited locally, so I am a bit cheeky and select things that he can give me! I also use the opportunity of the sales to buy birthday and Christmas presents well in advance.

I will wait until November to show you what I chose 😁.

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Update 11/07/19

  1. Fiona says:

    Would one of those new Dyson Pure Cool fans help you at all? They filter pollutants out of the air.


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