Update 22/07/19: I had a meltdown

I try to be honest on this blog, after all it started as a way for me to keep track of my life after retirement. I never expected that anyone else would actually read my ramblings! So, apologies in advance for my blunt truth today and please skip this post if you are at all uncomfortable reading it.

Snow Depress by Vvyacheslav Boreyko

Anyway, I cannot write very much today as I am recovering from a dreadful coughing attack in the night then a horrible meltdown this morning. I just lost it – totally. I shouted and yelled at poor Lovely Husband then couldn’t stop screaming and crying. I am so miserable and fed up with my life, stuck here in the house all day, mostly in bed, with only LH and Elder Son to talk to. I am unable to talk on the phone because my voice is so poor, I can’t think straight because my concentration lapses and I am so hot. I feel so bleak and lost.

Right, I will stop writing and hope that I feel more positive tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Snow Depress by Vvyacheslav Boreyko via Flickr

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