Update 24/09/19 with some new purchases

Well, health wise I am more or less the same as I described in my last post. I am getting a bit stronger and have managed to contribute to the household a little more. My eyes, however are about the same and it is difficult for me to read…

But that won’t stop me!

I am such a reading fanatic that I will try almost anything. A lot of websites are OK, such as Facebook, Mumsnet and The Purse Forum, so I read those. I am also amusing myself by watching TV with Lovely Husband and on my iPad. I can’t read books yet, but hopefully that will come.

(By the way, please excuse any repetition. My memory is badly affected by the stroke.)

Anyway, I thought I would show you some purchases that I have made in the last weeks:

1) New slippers – I somehow managed to lose my lovely well-worn navy Lands’ End ones in the hospital. It was all so confusing that I lost track of them. Almost as soon as I got back home, I searched the site for some new ones and found similar slippers in grey at a fraction of the price for their navy ones. So, grey it was!

Slippers in grey by Lands’ End

2) Grey jeans – somehow, we managed between us to return the jeans that I received just before my stroke and exchange for the next size up. It’s horrible to admit that I have to wear this size, but needs must. I really like the colour and they will be great with many items in my wardrobe and accessory drawers.

Mid-rise jeans in Imlay Grey by Lands’ End

Sorry, if these new items are not very exciting, but they are both useful additions for me and the jeans should encourage me to stop wearing pyjamas everyday!

I hope I am well enough to write another post later on in the week. I will try to post twice per week for the meantime, until I feel stronger and can read more clearly!

Best wishes,


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