Outfits of the week 02/04/21

Today is our 33rd Wedding Anniversary! It seems pretty amazing to have reached this point in our lives and I am so grateful that, somehow, Lovely Husband and I crossed paths so many years ago. This evening he is going to cook us a scrumptious meal and I am really looking forward to it. In fact, I am going to try to eat downstairs in honour of the occasion.

I also managed to go out with LH this week! It must be at least a month since I last ventured forth – I think it was for the vaccination. We had a drive around the area and it was so lovely to see the daffodils and other flowers in the sunshine. I wore the first outfit below with my pink denim jacket by Joules over a navy short sleeved jumper from Lands’ End, with jeans and my Hermès Mythiques Phoenix Coloriage scarf in red, pinks and denim blue. Gold earrings and the pretty cobalt Agama bangle from Halcyon Days, plus navy shoes and my gorgeous blue handbag from Massacecesi completed the outfit.

Outfit of the day 31/03/21 with Hermès’ Mythiques Phoenix Coloriage scarf

Here is my gorgeous blue Massaccesi Midi Muse handbag:

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with Hermès scarves
Midi Muse by Massaccesi with Hermès scarves

The next outfit is what I am wearing today: my cobalt cashmere v-neck from John Lewis, earrings from a local boutique and the same Halcyon Days bangle as before. I haven’t worn this beautiful chiffon rectangular scarf before. You may remember that I saw the William Morris design from Liberty of London earlier in the year. It goes really well with the jumper, I think!

Outfit of the day 02/04/21 with Liberty’s William Morris scarf

OK, so that is all for this week. We have had some gorgeous sunny days and I am glad that I was able to enjoy the drive around to experience some of the Spring flowers.

I do hope that you all have a great Easter Weekend if that is your “thing”.

Love and best wishes,



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1 Response to Outfits of the week 02/04/21

  1. carole says:

    Love your outfits, especially the pink denim jacket. Your handbag color is gorgeous and the collage with your beautiful scarves is amazing.


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