Update 14/06/21: my Massaccesi handbag lineup!

First of all, I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and that those of you who have it are enjoying the sunny weather. In this part of the UK it is very warm and sticky at the moment and I really wish that we could live near the sea!

When I have had enough energy, I have been trying to sort out one of my wardrobes. I keep my gorgeous Massaccesi handbags at the bottom, so I got them all out yesterday. Whilst they were out, I decided to take some photos of them all. Here they are…

Handbags by Massaccesi

The handbags are, from back row left to right:

  • Full size Victoria in grape Croco leather with handles in carmine Nappa leather,
  • Midi Modena in white Pebbled leather,
  • Full size Diane in titanium and silver Metallic leather,
  • Full size Victoria in amethyst Pebbled leather.

Middle row left to right:

  • Midi Selene zip in dark blue Africa leather,
  • Midi Muse in bluette Pompei leather,
  • Full size Minerva in teal pebbled leather,
  • Midi Selene in purple Africa leather.

Front row left to right:

  • Midi Penelope in bronze Africa leather,
  • Midi Victoria in teal Flor and teal Nappa leathers.

So that you can see them all more clearly, I have gathered some images into a slideshow…

I am so lucky that I can afford such a beautiful collection! Most are pretty large as I have so much stuff that I need to drag around with me. Small bags won’t hold enough for me these days. Now, I think that I shouldn’t buy any more as I have more than enough handbags for every occasion. Although one in a bright turquoise would be nice – after all that is one of my wardrobe colours 😂🤣😂🤣😂!

OK, I think that is all for now. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have about Massaccesi handbags in the comments section. There is also a long thread about them on The Purse Forum. Oh, and I’m only writing about them because I adore the whole experience and the products. Marco is such a lovely man and deserves support from his customers!

Love and best wishes,



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