Update 13/08/21 – with some amazing scarves and shawls

Ooer! It’s Friday 13th today! I do hope that you and yours are safe and well today.

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with a painful back. Also, Elder Son was “pinged” last week, so has been isolating at home. To be honest, he has been driving us mad as he is so bored, although, to be fair, he has helped a great deal with housework and caring for me. It will be nice for him to be able to return to work and his usual days out next week. I think that we all need a period of calm in this household as Lovely Husband and I have also been getting on each other’s nerves!

I have been spending my time, as usual, reading, browsing and watching with my iPad. The other day, I was reminded of the the wonderful cashmere produced by companies based in Scotland. So, I had a wander through various websites and fell in love with many of the gorgeous items on the Johnstons of Elgin website, particularly these:

Wow! Aren’t they beautiful! But, they look even better when modelled. Here are a few:

OK, this model is gorgeous and tall and I am a short, dumpy woman, but don’t these catch your eye? To be honest, I am seriously thinking of getting one of these instead of an Hermès shawl this Autumn/Winter. I particularly love the ombré designs, here, and could easily see myself snuggling in bed with one over the colder months.

What do you think?

Yes, they are still very expensive, but they are far more manageable for me than Hermès, as it will take me many months to save up for an H shawl. Although, H scarves retain their value if looked after well.

Anyway, I will continue to think about this. By the way, I will add a reminder here that I don’t receive any payment from companies that I feature on this blog, and wouldn’t wish to. I write the blog purely for my own amusement.

Well, that’s all for this week.

Love and best wishes,



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