Update 07/03/22 with another gorgeous reveal!

Well, here it comes! I thought that I had finished with Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2022 season, but this amazing scarf continued to pop up regularly on The Purse Forum and I simply fell in love with it. I am not sure, however, whether it loves me back! I am going to reveal it today, then model it for you on Friday and then you can let me know what you think.

Here we go, from orange box to the scarf itself…

The light wasn’t very good when I took the photo of the whole scarf, so here is the image from the Hermès website. Please remember that the website images are not accurate with the colours to help prevent copying…

Hermès Story by Jonathan Burton

Yes, this is the beautiful and playful Hermès Story by Jonathan Burton, marron glacé, bleu nuit, pétrole. In real life, the colours are rich and amazing. The brown background glows like molten chocolate and the blues…

I can really see why this is such a hit this season. What do you think?

More of this scarf on Friday and I will begin to compile a full Scarf of the Moment scarf profile as soon as I can.

Love and best wishes,



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