Update 03/10/22

Welcome to a new month and a new week on my blog!

For the last few weeks, I have been feeling even more weak and ill than usual. I don’t know whether I caught some kind of bug, or if my feelings were caused by something psychological but, whatever the cause, I felt really dreadful. Yesterday I started to experience something more positive and I hope that my physical and mental health improve over the next few days…

I want to feel strong enough to wear some of my lovely outfits!

Anyway, I won’t dwell on the negative stuff. Instead, I will show you some gorgeous and colourful images:

I adore these lamps and also just about anything Art Nouveau – aren’t these absolutely wonderful?

This is another amazing photo that I found on Twitter recently. Once again, the colours are incredible. OK, there are probably all kinds of filters and manipulations involved in the final image, but it is still lovely:

Kingfisher perched on a lotus leaf by Johnson Chua – Beautiful World on Twitter

Today, I am going to get all of my Massaccesi handbags out of the wardrobe and reorganise them so that the Autumn/Winter ones are at the front. OK, it is just an excuse so that I can enjoy their colours and that lovely leather smell!

Then, I will probably have to go back to bed.

Love and best wishes,




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