Monday post 31/10/22 with some gorgeous jewellery

Welcome to a new week on the blog. Yes, I know it’s Hallowe’en today, but I don’t really take much notice of that. Perhaps my children were “deprived” of Trick or Treating when they were young. It is just not something that I have ever been interested in.

So, instead of spooky stuff, I am going to upload some Twitter posts that I have saved. They all have images of amazing and beautiful jewellery that caught my eye…

First we have some lovely Byzantine bracelets:

Screenshot from @ArysPan on Twitter

Next, a collection of Ancient Greek crowns:

Screenshot from @ArysPan on Twitter

Then an amazing purple Roman jewel:

Screenshot from @TheClassicalCo on Twitter

Finally, here is a more modern piece:

So much beauty! A real feast for the eyes and imagination. Which do you like best? If I had to choose, my favourite would probably be the amethyst or the bottom right-hand “crown” which is actually a bracelet!

Love and best wishes,



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