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Monday post 06/03/23: return of The Librain!

Hello and welcome to all of my friends and visitors! It is now four weeks since I was diagnosed with shingles and it has taken this long for me to even begin to feel better. There is still a long … Continue reading

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Taking another break: update 27/02/23

Hello friends and visitors! Unfortunately I am still too unwell to write a proper post. It is now three weeks since I first noticed the symptoms of Shingles. I am a little better than a week ago in that I … Continue reading

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Taking another break: update 20/02/23

Today’s post is a quick update to keep my lovely visitors and friends informed. I am unable to return to regular posting as I am still too ill to think clearly. Over two weeks ago, I noticed the symptoms of … Continue reading

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Taking another break 08/02/23

Apologies, but I don’t have any idea when I will be able to post again. Unfortunately, I have yet another health issue that has hit me this week and I am very ill indeed. Will be back as soon as … Continue reading

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Monday post 06/02/23: with a thought-provoking screenshot

Hello and welcome to a new week on my blog! The last few days have been fairly peaceful, which is just as well because I have been suffering from an extra helping of pain. Usually, my multiple conditions result in … Continue reading

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Friday post 03/02/23: with cobalt cashmere

During my time away from the blog, I decided to have a change from navy and grey and, instead, selected my gorgeous bright blue cashmere v-neck from John Lewis. This is such a lovely colour and I have several scarves … Continue reading

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Reading roundup 01/02/23

Welcome to the first Reading Roundup post for February! I have been struggling to read even ebooks over the last few weeks. My various health issues have been flaring up and these, together with difficult family matters, have resulted in … Continue reading

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Monday post 30/01/23: it’s good to be back!

Welcome back everyone! This last week has flown by and I am now ready to resume the usual blogging schedule. The visit from Younger Son was very productive as well as generally lovely. All three of my “chaps” worked very … Continue reading

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Taking a short break 24/01/23

OK, I don’t usually post on a Tuesday, but I just want to inform regular visitors that I am taking a break from the blog until Monday 30/01/23. Younger Son is visiting to help us do a huge clearout of … Continue reading

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Scarf of the moment: Robe Légère

Well, I don’t think that this has ever happened to me during my “romance” with Hermès scarves! I usually look carefully at the threads on the Purse Forum as a new season unfolds, watching for the first clear images of … Continue reading

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