Outfit of the day 04/01/17

Bad start to the day this morning as I woke up early with a blinding headache. I managed to help Elder Son get ready for work and then was violently sick. I usually have to eat a banana the minute I wake up, but I didn’t get the chance to eat more than a mouthful. I am pleased to say that things improved after that and I was able to come downstairs for a large part of the day.

I am spending this afternoon updating the blog and sorting out some paperwork, then I will go to bed, as usual, and remain there. I read books and a range of stuff on the iPad, eat my evening meal and chat to my lads – all from the comfort of my bed!

Anyway, today’s outfit is again very like yesterday’s. By the way, if I don’t post an Outfit of the Day, then it doesn’t mean that I have spent the day in my birthday suit!

  • Navy cotton roll neck – Isle.
  • French navy lamb’s wool cable cardigan – WoolOvers.
  • Navy jogging pants – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy suede slippers – Lands’ End.
  • Silk scarf, 90 carré – Cornelia James (more well known for gloves).
  • Cobalt blue enamel bracelet – Halcyon Days.
  • Gold knot earrings – different ones to those I wore yesterday, but I have still had them for a long time.
Outfit of the day 04/01/17 with Cornelia James scarf

Outfit of the day 04/01/17 with Cornelia James scarf

Oh, and this will be a focus of a later post, the scarf ring is in horn by MaiTai – see the link in the sidebar.

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