Outfit of the day 24/01/17

Since my last post on Friday, things have improved a fair bit. I spent the weekend slowly regaining my health and strength – well, by regaining I mean getting back to my previous pretty crap levels rather than the really dreadful way I felt at the end of last week.

Once I could concentrate again, I started reading. On Friday, I had finished Neil White’s Dead Silent, which is number 4 in his DC Laura McGannity series. For some reason, I had got out of sync with this series, so I found myself reading number 3 on Saturday! “Last Rites” was another good read, although, a bit OTT in places even for me, and I have rated it on Goodreads as usual.

Last Rites by Neil White

Last Rites by Neil White

Sunday saw even more improvement and I was able to go downstairs for a while and watch cricket with Lovely Husband, in between glancing at the papers. I went back to bed in the afternoon and read almost two-thirds of “The Darkest Goodbye” by Alex Gray before giving up in irritation. The religious theme just annoyed me too much to carry on.

Darkest Goodbye by Alex Gray

Darkest Goodbye by Alex Gray

The next book I am reading is James Lee Burke’s “The Glass Rainbow”. I started it on Monday and found it a real change from the books I have been reading recently as it is set in the American deep south.

Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke

Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke

Today, I finally managed to visit the library to return the massive pile that I had finished during December and January and to pick up the last book in Neil White’s DC Laura McGannity series, number 5. Before I read that, I will finish the rest of the books which I borrowed before Christmas.  They are pretty randomly chosen. This is what is so brilliant about libraries – browsing! Most of the books I read I find through sheer serendipity.

Over the weekend I stayed in pyjamas, but managed to wear a nicer outfit today. This time I have chosen purples and blues to go with my L’Arbre du Vent scarf designed by Montserrat Gonzalez-Lugo for  Hermès (90cm). The image below shows it on my navy sweater in a loose drape.

  • Purple wool mix jumper – Tommy Hilfiger. I love the wonderful colours in this yarn, but sadly it pills really badly. 🙁
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Purple and turquoise soutache earrings – BeadsNSoutache (no longer trading) on Etsy.
  • Purple leather and pale gold bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Black leather ankle boots – Clarks. I am weaning myself from black footwear, but I love these and am not throwing them out! That would be taking colour co-ordinating to ridiculous levels!
  • Navy metallic leather handbag – Massaccesi.
Outfit of the day 24/01/17 with Hermès' Arbre du Vent

Outfit of the day 24/01/17 with Hermès’ Arbre du Vent

After visiting the Library, Lovely Husband took us out for a cup of tea. When we got home, I spent some time arranging bunches of beautiful flowers which he had brought home on Monday evening.

Now I have finished this post, I will have my afternoon treat (tea and cupcake) and then rest in bed. LH is promising that I can have trout for dinner – my favourite! Will post again tomorrow, all being well 🙂

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  1. Blighty says:

    So nice to meet another library addict. I love my local library, such a thrill to be able to borrow so many great books for free! I document what books I am reading on my Instagram account, Pudfish (though you will also find a lot of pics of my dog!) My husband went through a James Lee Burke phase a few years ago, he is a “completist” so read most of them and in the right order!


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