Outfit of the day 26/01/17

This afternoon, I went to the local cinema with Younger Son to see Rogue One – all good fun science fiction with loads of action, the usual daft plot holes and an intriguing CGI version of Peter Cushing. We really enjoyed the afternoon as we both love watching films together. A nice mother-and-son activity which we have been doing since YS was very small.

Today’s outfit was again based on this purple jumper – it is soooo lovely and warm!

  • Purple wool-mix jumper – Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Navy cotton jogging pants – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy suede slippers – Lands’ End. Changed into my Hotters when I went out. Comfort was paramount today.
  • Purple amethyst and silver stud earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Purple enamel and gold plate bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • “Lilacs” – purple, lilac, green and white silk scarf – by MinkuLUL via Etsy. This is a hand painted scarf and it has received a lot of compliments for the colours! Prices seem to have increased since I bought the scarf, but perhaps this is due to the weak pound. I love some of the Mucha inspired scarves ❤️❤️❤️
Outfit of the day 26/01/17 with MinkuLUL's Lilacs scarf

Outfit of the day 26/01/17 with MinkuLUL’s Lilacs scarf

I also swapped handbags for my previous favourite (before I bought the navy Massaccesi). This is from Francesco Biasia and I have had it for over ten years, I think. It is a lovely purple glazed leather with gun-metal fittings. The image doesn’t really show the true shade of the leather.

Francesco Biasia handbag

Francesco Biasia handbag

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