Wardrobe planning #12: Preparing for warmer weather

As yesterday was when the clocks changed – Spring Forward, Fall Back – it seems fitting to think about planning my clothes and accessories for warmer weather. Mind you, here in the UK we can still expect to have snow, driving rain, storms and frost for quite a few weeks!

We have now reached a time of transition, I suppose, when I am starting to wash, check and put away my cashmere and wool jumpers and think about swapping my warm-weather wardrobe back into my bedroom. These clothes are housed in a large wardrobe in Younger Son’s room over the Autumn and Winter (I only have a small section, the rest belongs to him).

During the Autumn and Winter months, I tend to spend my days in the following clothes:

Outerwear: thick padded jacket, waterproof rain jacket, wool 3/4 coat.

Tops: jumpers and cardigans of various weights made of cashmere and wool mixes with t-shirts and camisoles underneath for extra warmth.

Bottoms: jeans and jogging pants. I cannot get into my smarter wool trousers as I have put on so much weight since I left work. Some wool skirts.

Dresses: a couple of lovely smart dresses for special occasions, plus one more casual dress.

Footwear: leather ankle boots and shoes with a low heel or flat. Those with slightly higher heels are starting to feel “challenging” as I get older even though my feet are in very good condition.

Accessories: silk, viscose or wool scarves worn fairly closely around the neck; leather or enamel bracelets and bangles; neat gold earrings, gold rings, watch. Horn jewellery.

Handbags: navy metallic, purple, turquoise or caramel leather handbags which are all in at least a reasonable condition.

What I like to wear in warmer weather:

Outerwear: light-weight rain coat; jackets in linen or cotton.

Tops: cardigans and short-sleeved jumpers (often as twin-sets); t-shirts and blouses in cotton and silk mixes, with some in modal and viscose. Long and medium length wraps. If the weather is cooler in the Summer, I wear long-sleeved cotton jumpers or jackets in cotton or linen over a t-shirt. I avoid polyester as much as possible because I hate the feel of it on warm skin.

Lands' End twinsets collage

Lands’ End twinsets collage

Bottoms: lighter-weight jeans, chinos, trousers and skirts in cotton and linen mixes. I seem to break away from jeans as the warmer weather takes hold as skirts feel so much more comfortable when it is hot.

Dresses: this is when a few nice dresses come into play from cotton t-shirt dresses to smarter ones. I must take some photos of these for this blog and for my records.

Footwear: I have a range of sandals in brown, navy and gold leather. Some higher heeled shoes and wedges – again becoming more difficult to wear.

Accessories: silk or cotton scarves, unless it is very hot, often worn in a necklace tie. Rather more extrovert earrings and necklaces. The same bracelets and bangles as in the colder months with my usual rings and watch. Horn items come into their own.

Spring/Summer accessories

Spring/Summer accessories

Handbags: I will use most of the ones listed above and will also break out my vintage bags, which are a lot smaller. A couple of fabric tote bags. Cream or fuchsia leather Summer handbags.

Planned purchases

I am trying to avoid spending much money on new clothes for Spring and Summer as I probably have enough t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, skirts and trousers. I could do with the following:

Outerwear: nothing new needed.

Tops: twin-set in purple or lilac. I have enough tops in turquoise, coral, white/cream and navy. I could leave this purchase until next Spring or look in the end of season sales.

Bottoms and dresses: probably OK here, unless my clothes from last year no longer fit! Eek!

Footwear: my sandals are all fine but I am tempted by either some canvas trainers in gold metallic or more sensibly in navy. Am I too old for the bling?

Canvas shoe options

Canvas shoe options

Accessories: I have already bought enough scarves for this season (can I ever say “enough”?). There are a few enamel bangles that are on my wish-list and also a necklace, but I will try to restrain myself. I will look at the next Ferragamo sale for any leather bracelets in different colours – brown or coral pink would be nice. New sunglasses.

Handbags: I don’t need any new ones, but will find it hard to resist if Massaccesi have a really good discount during the Summer. I love some of their brighter blue leathers and also adore the Africa Bronze – but which design?

I will probably revisit my plans and I am sure that I will not be able to resist temptation, but will try. What would items would tempt you this Spring/Summer?

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