Update 24/01/20 with a sale purchase

I was trying to avoid the sales. Really, honestly…

Well, I simply couldn’t resist. In recent years I have put on a lot of weight, for a variety of reasons, and loads of my clothing staples don’t fit me any more. So, whilst I don’t often venture outside, I do need suitable clothing for those times when I must. I bought a navy casual warm jacket last year, so this year I went for a coat that is a bit more formal, but not too much. I will be able to wear this with jeans and a jumper, but also on those rare occasions when I smarten myself up and wear a dress. The coat also goes with a lot of my accessories too.

Here it is – Tanya coat in grey by Masai Clothing Company, Copenhagen:

Tanya coat in grey by Masai Clothing Company

There is one little issue: I bought it in a size too big for me! I have just ordered a smaller size and will choose the best of the two. I really like the style, fabric and colour so will take some photos with possible accessories next week.

I really think that this will fit nicely into my wardrobe and will work well for me.

Before I wish you all a happy weekend, I have just one more thing to say: many thanks to all of you who have commented on my blog, particularly since I had the stroke. I have been very bad mannered and have often not replied to these comments for ages, or even at all. I will try to sort this out over the weekend by going back through the posts. Apologies to you all xxx

Wishing everyone a very good weekend,




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