Update 18/07/22 with more gorgeous earrings!

Hi, everyone! I am so pleased to be back writing on the blog. A combination of severe health issues, a bad psychological reaction to a medical procedure, and very hot weather made it impossible for me to post on here. Now I am feeling a lot better and am trying to write my posts on the days when it is not too hot to think straight.

While I was away from the blog, we had a quick visit from Younger Son, who we hadn’t seen since Christmas. It was lovely to be able to spend a little time with him. I am hoping that he will visit again in September for Lovely Husband’s 70th birthday!

Anyway, today I have another earring purchase to show you. You may have read my post about the gorgeous selection available on the Chalk Jewellery website and how I found it after I saw a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing their beautiful earrings. As I looked through the site, I thought about the dress that I recently purchased from Marks and Spencer:

Dress by Marks and Spencer

I was thrilled when I saw these earrings:

Sipho earrings by Chalk Jewellery

The pink colours are a very close match and I am waiting for an occasion to wear the dress with the earrings. Here is a quick modelling photo with my other Marks and Spencer summer dress:

Sipho earrings by Chalk Jewellery

I think I will definitely be visiting the Chalk Jewellery site again!

Bye for now!

Love and best wishes,



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3 Responses to Update 18/07/22 with more gorgeous earrings!

  1. Malaika Carr says:

    Dear Anne,

    I have just stumbled across your wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing this, I love how you styled our Sipho earrings, you look great!

    Much love


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