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Outfit of the day 30/03/18

Well, this is what I wanted to wear today: Aqua cotton mix cable jumper – Lands’ End. Navy jeans – Cotton Traders. Pastel colours silk scarf – Accessorize. Art Deco silver and mother of pearl earrings. Bracelet. The bracelet would … Continue reading

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Reading roundup 28/03/18

It is two weeks since the last Reading Roundup post and I haven’t read as many books as would be expected, given my usual pace. When I am really unwell, I find that my concentration goes up or down through … Continue reading

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Outfit of the day 27/03/18

I managed to get up for a few hours today, after a very bad start, and actually put on a scarf and some earrings for the first time in ages. Yes, the old jumper was the same, but I did … Continue reading

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Update 26/03/18

Well, I have not done that before! Gone a whole week without posting on this blog. Today’s post is a quick catchup about my situation as I still cannot write very much. I really hope that things can get back … Continue reading

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Update 20/03/18

There will be no posts for the time being as I am terribly ill on top of the usual stuff. Will resume as soon as I can. Best wishes to all visitors, 💛💚❤💜💙

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Update 16/03/18

First of all, I must apologise for my rather short and unexciting posts this week. It is difficult to write well when recovering from extra illness on top of already existing conditions. I am hoping that I feel stronger next … Continue reading

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Update 15/03/18

There is not much for me to write about today as, yet again, I have been too ill to do very much. I am also thinking hard about an issue I am having and whether I want to talk about … Continue reading

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